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Stephen B. Cox has spent his life as an artist (painter and sculptor);   a writer of  many books and hundreds of articles (on subjects such as history, folklore, freemasonry, heritage, spirituality and tradition) ;  building up a unique library related to these matters (to which many publishers and individuals have donated);   developing a garden of spirituality and meditation and nature harmony;  and to  teaching and helping people to enable lives of harmony, spirituality, tolerance and peace along the lines of his guides for spiritual living. 

He is a member of the Design & Artists Copyright Society, and the Authors Licensing & Copyright Society. He has served the community locally and nationally in the realms of:  crime fighting & home security;   Neighbourhood Watch ;  community arts;  European heritage;  visual artists Copyright law;  Freemasonry;   local history;  English folklore/music & traditions;   state education;   professional & trades unions; artist apprenticeship scheme;   and  by offering & running scholarships & placements for young people from across the UK and Europe. In 2011 he became an Independent Police Custody Visitor with Thames Valley Police Authority.

Recently in a more private capacity he is pleased to support The Woodland Trust;  The Ramblers Association;  and The Council for the Protection of Rural England by being a member of these. He is now retired due to ill health and is a part-time carer for his elderly & disabled mother.

He now wishes to conserve and better manifest these collections, works and teachings for the benefit of others and to be an ongoing testament and facility in the years to come, including after his death.

It is therefore proposed that there will be established in the near future a Trust in his name, which will bring focus and support to bear on those matters outlined in this site

"The Stephen Cox Trust": will aim to conserve his life's work and encourage public understanding of the aspects of culture, heritage and spirituality he championed in his life. 

 There will be a  Board of Trustees assist to help enact the work of the Trust according to its Deed.

The work of the Trustees will be to fulfill the principles and  agenda of the goals and aims of the Trust.
Election to Membership of the Board of Trustees will only by unanimous invitation of the Board.

The Meetings of the Board will be private and confidential though a precis of its work and decisions is published twice yearly.
Likewise an Annual Report will be published outlining the work, decisions, status,  finances, etc of the Trust and the Estate.