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The maps for 1883 and 1885 provide fascinating insight into what was happening in redlnads at that tiem- a period of rapid transformation: the small estates were being broken up to make way for detached and semi-detached houses (still quite grand by today's standards) and the whole area  of Redlands bounded by London Road/Eastern Avenue/Upper Redlands Road and Alexandra Road was still open land being divided up into plots for the workers terraced houses soon  to be constructed   by the Huntley and Palmers biscuit company; Whiteknights Park of course was still completely open land comprising a handful of estates just as it was carved up on the departure of the Marquess of Blandford in 1819.

Map of East Reading 1885:

If you click on "large view" then it will open in a huge detailed ,map which you can scroll along north/south/east/west street by street!      East Reading 1885

Map of Reading 1883

Opens in a hard to read map of all Reading. But click and zoom on any part to reach where you want top go.    Ordnance Survey 1883

Map of the Siege of Reading 1642

Opens in a reasonably large scale map of Reading and showing the ramparts and fortifications of the siege. As you will see the fortifications extend into Redlands near Kendrick Road and to part way up what was then known as Catesgrove Hill.    Siege of Reading