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Whilst, in common wih the rest of the nation, Redlands tends to be a story of erosion of standards, loss of heritage, human proportion and good planning, there are some exceptions.

On this page I shall give an overview of those developments and new buildings which add to the heritage of Redlands areas, and also problems which deter from its conservation status

It will also include those individual households which for example have restored front walls or railings  etc in the traditional manner;  and such things as The Redlands Studio Trail.

1. CONSERVATION SIGNS: Redlands is a listed conservation area the green conservation road signs common to other areas have still not been erected. Why not?

2. NEW ARCHITECTURE adding to heritage: There a small number of new houses which add to the heritage of the Redlands Conservation area (i.e red brick, decoiration, unique feature) yet are clearly modern and vibrantly individual;.

Three in particular are to be found in: Addington Road; Northcourt Avenue; and the far north of Alexandra Road.